2021: Trees – OUT NOW!

I have always wanted to record an acoustic album – just me and my piano – and so I have!  I call this record TREES.  The inspiration for TREES comes from living in Rideau Lakes. The warmth and kindness of my community runs deep and wide.  The area’s stunning landscape, natural beauty and abundant wildlife is precious.  I am grateful to live here.

Song Inspirations

1. Something Good
A song for Kathy.  I wrote this song for my friend as she faced new challenges in her life.   

2. Trees
I have always loved trees!  Trees provide gifts of food, shelter, warmth, and knowledge.  Trees evoke a multitude of emotions and can symbolize growth, adaptability, survival and endurance. Trees can outlive us all – magical, mysterious and mighty. 

3. I Reach For You
A song for Shane.  Loving you is easy. 

4. Wait
Covid-19 has tested my mental health many a day this past year.  Waiting for the pandemic to end. Waiting for a new beginning.  

5. A Summer’s Day
Summer brings days filled with song, leisure, laughter, luminous colours, shimmering water, floral scents, a plethora of wildlife and all things good.  

6. Falling
We moved to Rideau Lakes in 2018.  I have poor vision so cannot drive.  My first six months here were somewhat challenging as I slowly learned to find my way and rhythm living in the country.  

7. Home
The inspiration for this song comes from the people who live in my community. I am thankful for the friendships and goodness given to me – for the chance to be part of something greater than myself. I am privileged to call this place home.

Something Good


2018: Expressions 

Expressions is a collection of my original songs inspired by the people and experiences that have touched my life. While my love for jazz underscores the harmonization of my songs, this record is really a blend of jazz, blues and contemporary music.  Joining me on Expressions, are Mark Ferguson on piano and trombone, Mike Rud on guitar, John Geggie on double bass, Jeff Asselin on drums, Ross Murray on percussion, Petr Cancura on saxophone and Anthony Bacon on cello.

Here is a sampling of songs from  my album Expressions. I hope you enjoy them!

I’ll Be There Soon