Anne Lewis


I am a singer, songwriter with a passion for many music genres. I especially love singing jazz classics, and swampy, blues tunes. I also very much enjoy writing and singing songs about the people and events that shape my life.

I grew up performing live musical theatre and discovered the thrill of belting out Broadway show tunes and crooning soft ballads. Composing songs on my piano enables me to express how someone and something makes me feel. Fusing the sounds of original contemporary songs with jazz and blues allows me to perform an eclectic style of music – as diverse as I am!

I am very excited about the upcoming release of my record – Expressions!  This record reflects the impact of the many experiences in my life… expressions of joy, love, hope and melancholy.  Coming very soon!

Other priorities in life pulled me away from music for a time, but I am now singing again and loving every musical moment!   I hope you enjoy my music.

Thanks so much for stopping by.



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